Re: Re: A flaring (mag -1.5) retrograde satellite to identify

Date: Thu Oct 23 2008 - 10:07:12 UTC

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    Thanks, Björn, for the identification.


    Sorry, I did a mistake about my timings. My watch was late by 13 seconds, but I applied the time correction as it was early instead !


    So, I observed 03-09 C near Polaris at about 18h 41:13 and it flared at 18h41:28 UT.




    Alain Figer


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    >IGS-1 rocket #27700 03-09C passed 3 degrees from Polaris (same side as the
    >SL-3 rocket) around 18:41:12
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    > Hi all,
    >Yesterday evening my attention was attracted at 18h 40.8 mn UT by a bright
    >satellite near Polaris, challenging its brightness, and descending due
    >North - slightly western to the north, the signature of a retrograde
    >satellite. Its crossing in the sky was about the same as that of Cosmos 405
    >rocket I just observed a few minutes before (near 18h34 UT).
    >However the sense of the pass (SN) was just reversed, as Cosmos 405 rocket
    >(passing NS) is a 81.2° inclined satellite.
    >Hence the estimated inclination of the retro satellite is to be roughly i
    >And it might have culminated not far from ENE at altitude 72°-80°.
    >Its brightness was increasing and it flared briefly at about mag -1.5 at 18h
    >41m 02s.
    >Thanks for identifying this satellite, not listed in the H-A predictions for
    >my site (listing for mag better than 5.0), since its magnitude must have
    >been indicated as a mere "?" by Chris Peat...

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