Impdending decay of SZ_7 rocket

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Thu Oct 16 2008 - 05:57:03 UTC

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    33387  the R/B from the Shenzhou-7 launch is due to decay shortly.
    As at the time of writing (0544 UTC) the Space-Track prediction makes 
    extremely interesting reading, but those with access will have to log in to 
    see why!
    Calsky's prediction certainly does not eliminate the possibility of 
    Space-Track's prediction being correct.
    With a 42 degree inclination it is certainly one for us to keep an eye out 
    Unfortunately  for personal reasons I will not be able to report on any 
    observations, debris sightings etc or lack of them until about  2 days 
    later.  Of course things may change between then and now anyway.
    There is quite a high prospect of cloud so unless there is any actual debris 
    to be seen should it land near New Zealand, there may be no sighting 
    Having seen this object soon after launch it would be fascinating to see it 
    from start to finish!
    Robert Holdsworth
    New Zealand
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