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From: Chris Jones (
Date: Mon Oct 13 2008 - 17:02:32 UTC

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    Bob Hart wrote:
    > It's the current station commander, Sergey Volkov.
    > His father was Alexander Volkov.
    In fact, they'll be returning together on Soyuz TMA-12 at
    the end of their flights.
    I read in at least one place (Scientific American's web site,
    I believe) that Garriott would be the first 2nd generation
    astronaut.  That strikes me as a questionable claim (1st child
    of an American space traveler to travel in space would be more
    correct) since NASA insists on calling paying customers "space
    flight participants" and Garriott's priority depends on calling
    Volkov the first 2nd generation cosmonaut.  Personally I'd recognize
    them all as space explorers, and note that cosmonaut is a more
    correct term than astronaut (cosmos sailor vs. star sailor), not
    that it really matters.
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