Re:Photo of a Geosync

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Thu Oct 09 2008 - 06:44:15 UTC

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    Morning all
    (Using the data supplied by George Roberts for the 
    picture taken by Oscar A.Rodriguez .)
    The area is in the Clarke belt and there are several 
     (1) The ASTRA grouping of 5 satellites at RA 02h 24m Dec -05deg 50'
     (2) SICRAL 1 at RA 02h12m Dec -06deg 33'
     (3) HOTBIRD 1 at RA 02h22m Dec -07 deg 47'
     (4) EUTELSAT W2 at RA 02h10m  Dec -05deg45'
    Not all the ASTRA satellites are of equal brightness and judging by the field
    covered by the photograph it probably would not be possible to isloate which
    is which but I would put my money first on a satellite in this grouping or
    failing that EUTELSAT W2 which is a little far from the position given.
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