Possible HST Flare and Comet Holmes

From: Gerhard HOLTKAMP (grd.holtkamp@t-online.de)
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 18:29:08 UTC

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    On the off chance that there are some observers in the Caribbean willing to 
    get up early Sunday morning around 9:30 UT, 4-NOV-07, here is a prediction of 
    a flare by the aft skirt of the Hubble Space Telescope while it is taking a 
    picture of comet 17/P Holmes at the same time. Given are the times in UTC 
    (4-NOV-07), latitude and longitude of the point of maximum flare. The places 
    concerned are the eastern tip of Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and a few 
    smaller islands. I don't know how far you can be from this line to still see 
    a flare but I guess within 20 or 30 km of it you'll probably be able to see 
    	9:27:15	20.301N  75.051W
    	9:27:30  20.083N  74.039W
    	9:27:45  19:856N  73.040W
    	9:28:00  19.617N  72.044W
    	9:28:15  19.369N  71.052W
    	9:28:30  19.111N  70.064W
    	9:28:45  18.842N  69.080W
    	9:29:00  18.563N  68.099W
    	9:29:15  18:274N  67.122W
    	9:29:30  17.975N  66.149W
    	9:29:45  17.665N  65.180W
    	9:30:00  17:346N  64.214W
    	9:30:15  17.017N  63.253W
    	9:30:30  16.678N  62.295W
    With a wide angle lens or a fish eye it would actually be possible to take a 
    picture of the flare together with the comet (and later during the pass while 
    the HST is still taking pictures of the comet it would be passing quite close 
    to it as viewed from the Carribean).
    Gerhard HOLTKAMP
    Darmstadt, Germany
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