Observation of ISS+sTS120 complex

From: Robert Holdsworth (robbonz1@xtra.co.nz)
Date: Thu Oct 25 2007 - 12:08:34 EDT

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    Observed the docked complex on a pass which was predicted to commence with 
    shadow entry at 1536 UTC- however as shadow entry was at 5 degrees elevation 
    and anything below about 10 degrees is obscured by hills here, not possible 
    to see it at that point.
    Timing of acquisition was not noted (it is very early morning here and only 
    up for a few minutes to see it - so blame sleepiness!)
    However it passed by Alpha Centauri at 15:39:20 - about 3 seconds earlier 
    than predicted by Calsky- for the reasons stated above I have not had a 
    chance to  look at any other recent predictions!
    Sky  was highly moonlit and the complex did not appear especially bright, 
    only around -1 to plus 1 as predicted for ISS on its own.   However this is 
    not surprising considering it is well before sunrise- sun 17 degrees below 
    No sign of flaring and little sign of orange coloration, though may have 
    appeared to vary in colour slightly around culmination.
    Next pass is an "overhead" one  culminating at 88  degree elevation, 
    hopefully  although sky will be quite bright the complex will be bright 
    enough to be visible.
    New Zealand
    UTC plus 13 (calculate that and you will see why I am going back to sleep!) 
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