From: Greg Roberts (grr@telkomsa.net)
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 05:02:48 EDT

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    Subject: HEAVENSAT
     Alex Laspin has done it again!
     If you thought his satellite tracking program HEAVENSAT
    was great wait until you have tried the latest version now available at
     http://www.heavensat at ru/english
     replace "at" with "."
     Version 201 now comes with even more bells and whilstles. A few of the improvements made
     (1) You have the choice of three star databases depending on how faint you want to go -
           the faintest  goes to magnitude 12.
    (2) It can handle any number of satellites and is FAST.
    (3) It can predict IRIDIUM flares
    (4) It can predict transits of the sun and moon by satellites
    (5) It is possible to sort the prediction output in various formats, time, name, elevation 
    (6) It provides three kinds of map displays- the SKY mode, CHART mode and satellite track
          projection  on the earths surface
    (7) You can select what satellites you want using a Satellite filter- eg select on 
          period ,eccentricity,apogee and perigee heights, magnitude etc
    (8) By selecting the ephemeris command you can generate detailed predictions for any
          satellite if you wish to.
    Its uses the latest SPACETRACK algorithms and is as accurate as they come.
    The program does not have a manual but its very easy to use and for my use I cant think of
     a better or  more versatile program.
     Since its freeware why not ty it - you wont regret it.
     I use it for radio tracking as well as optical tracking. About the only thing it misses 
     the display of a satellites  transmitting frequency  as a result of doppler shift -but 
    then I
    havent asked Alek's for  this facility yet :-))
     Aleks is very open to suggestions for improving his program.
     Well done Aleks- a superb program!
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