re: Space Junk?

Date: Wed Oct 17 2007 - 14:33:35 EDT

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    >Rich wrote:
    >>  Item from local paper today about a piece of metal striking a
    >>  car in a local parking lot. According to the FAA it did not
    >>  come from a plane.
    >  >
    I thought that small re-entering objects usually reach the ground 
    cold. After the short "burn-up" period which would heat the thin 
    meat-hook object greatly, wouldn't subsequent travel through tens or 
    hundreds of miles of sub-freezing air actually convectively cool the 
    thin object to below freezing? I seem to remember this sort of 
    discussion elsewhere with small meteorites.
    Has anyone read about any nearby exploding butcher shop? Are they 
    missing a meat-hook?
    Enough OT for me,
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