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From: Greg Williams (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2007 - 20:14:10 EDT

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    Actually, it would not surprise me to see what you witnessed being an 
    NWS balloon, as theydo go up to altitudes of 100+k feet and the envelope 
    gets quite large as the pressure inside tries to equalize with the 
    pressure outside.
    2 months ago I was in OH for a balloon launch and we watched one balloon 
    (About 1000 grams) all the way to 95k feet before burst.  I watched in 
    my binoculars (same aperture as yours) and it was about 10 miles north, 
    and a7 95k feet, I'll let you do the math as to the distance.  It was 
    visible to the naked eye and right at burst, the envelope shredded, and 
    the talc used inside the balloon slowly expanded and dissapated.
    I do this as part of amateur radio hobby, and it's quite an amazing 
    The drawing looks like it could have even been amateur related, but no 
    groups Im aware of launched in the last 24 hours when you observed the 
    I'll pass this around and see what other opinions can be made.
    Thanks for the update.
    Thomas Dorman wrote:
    > k4hsm
    > Very well could have been an NWS balloon.There was a
    > sonde up in that area at the time.If this was a NWS
    > sonde I would have to be looking at something that was
    > more than 50 miles out from me and this balloon just
    > look to big to be a weather balloon.I would almost
    > swear that their was some kind of antenna appendage
    > hanging below the box type looking object attached to
    > the parachute to the balloon but I could be wrong.I
    > know what weather balloons look like and see 4 or 5 a
    > year.We also get rogue balloons coming through from
    > time to time which I have been unable to find a source
    > for.I was told by an air traffic control person that
    > some of the balloons where coming out of Vandenberg on
    > the west coast.Also I have heard the story of the US
    > Air-force having sites in south central New Mexico and
    > Eastern parts of far West Texas.
    > Also the parachutes on the radio sonde are orange /red
    > which the parachute on the object I observed looked
    > white.I have attached a drawing of the object observed
    > or what I think I observed to this e-mail.I am not
    > much of an artist.Sorry!Thanks very much for the help.
    > Thomas Dorman
    > Horizon City,Texas--- ""
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    Gregory S. Williams
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