Re: O.T.Atmospheric Satellite (Research Balloon)

From: John A. Dormer 2 (
Date: Fri Oct 12 2007 - 00:40:53 EDT

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    Thomas Dorman wrote:
    > I had an interesting observation right at around
    > sunset this evening around 00:40UT 10/12/2007 of a
    > atmospheric satellite (research balloon).
    What a treat! You probably saw the 1900 CDT sounding balloon from El
    Paso, Texas. Here is a map which shows the active stations in the U.S.:

    There's an excellent tutorial on how to read these SKEW-T diagrams here:

    Look for "SKEW-T Mastery." I've been through the course once, and I use
    the knowledge a few times a week. I have also poked at some of the
    mesoscale meteorology topics.

    The courses are free. I wish all online instruction was done as well.
    And since the atmosphere has profound effects on our ability to engage
    in our hobby, and that there are a number of entries for satellite-based
    meteorology among the courses, I hope Mr. Molczan will accept this as
    being on-topic again. :)
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