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From: Gordon Prichard (
Date: Mon Oct 08 2007 - 04:23:17 EDT

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    Hello Jeff,
        Will this spreadsheet be usable in the next flaring season?
           Newcastle, Australia
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    Subject: Geosat Flare Calculator: Part 2!
    > Hey All,
    >      With help, as usual, from Kevin Fetter, I've
    > posted an Excel spreadsheet at:
    > (You might get a message saying "Enter Network
    > Password", just click on the "Cancel" button and the
    > page should appear.) The spreadsheet takes an
    > observers exact latitude and longitude and GMT Offset
    > and calculates where and when to look in the next few
    > days to see maximum geostationary satellite (geosat)
    > flaring. If you do not have Microsoft Excel to run
    > this spreadsheet, send me an email with you exact
    > latitude, longitude, and current GMT Offset and I
    > will, time permitting, send you a table of dates,
    > times, and locations.
    >      To use this table enter your longitude (negative
    > for West, positive for East), latitude (positive for
    > North, negative for South - although geosat flaring
    > has pretty much ended for Southern Hemisphere
    > observers), and you current GMT Offset. The acronym PD
    > means "Purple Dot" and it is where you look in the
    > sky. PDRT means Purple Dot Rise Time (on your eastern
    > horizon), PD RA means PD Right Ascension, PD Dec.
    > means PD Declination, and PDST means PD Set Time (on
    > your western horizon). With the exception of last date
    > - Oct 15 (and maybe Oct 14), if you see the term
    > "#NUM!" in both of the "Eclipse" columns, then this
    > means that the PD stays eclipsed all night and there
    > be no flaring geosats at the PD. On the last date, Oct
    > 15 (and maybe Oct 14) the term "#NUM" means that the
    > PD is visible *all* night - which is a great
    > situation. Please see email
    > for
    > more information. Please let me know if you have any
    > questions.
    >      Regards,
    >           Jeff Umbarger
    >           Plano, TX, USA
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