Re: Iridium 95 flares?

From: Rod Sladen (
Date: Sat Oct 06 2007 - 04:52:12 EDT

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    Daniel Crawford asked:
    > Has there been any observations of Iridium 95 flaring lately?  I ask
    > this because Heavens-Above shows a flare at my location but Iridflar
    > does not.  (31 Oct)
    > Would somebody explain the difference please?
    Iridflar gives me predictions for your location which exactly match those
    for H-A, showing Ir 30 and Ir 95 flares peaking within a few seconds.  By
    the way, I see that around that date you also have some opportunities for
    double flares a couple of minutes apart from the solar panels and from the
    antenna of a single satellite.
    > Is this because Iridium 95 was a spare at one time and (I'm not sure)
    > it was 'coded out' of Iridflar???
    Iriidum 95 (27375) is still spare; there is no reason why it should have
    been coded out of Irdiflar.  Are you sure that Ir 95 is in your tle file?
    > I ask this due to an upcoming double flare opportunity on Halloween.
    Looks an excellent double-flare opportunity!  I hope you get clear skies
    to see it!  ... Rod
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