Re: geosat occultation

From: Bob Hampton (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2007 - 14:17:00 EDT

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    Thanks for the info guys!
    John's animation is real cool!  I'll be watching for more of 
    these alignments.
    More thoughts on the subject:  If I assume for a 
    moment that when I see the two sats at max elongation 
    of 1 arcminute that represents their true separation, then 
    (please check my math!)  
    [22,223 miles * 2pi] / 360 =388 miles (624 km) per degree 
    or about 6.5 miles (10.4 km) per arcminute.  
    Isn't this essentially correct?  That's closer than I thought 
    they would be!
    Mike's ID of my geosats seems to be correct!  Using those 
    as a known reference point the rest of my observed sats fell 
    (mostly) right into place, corresponding well with a recent 
    list of geosats from Cal-Sky.  Now I know what I'm looking 
    at!  Thanks Mike!!!  
    I'm clouded in now, just in time for the geosat flares, 
    paying for the past few weeks of perfect skies.......
    Bob Hampton
    35.9465N, 82.2147W, 2,965 ft.
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