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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2006 - 15:50:28 EST

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    Evening again
    Ive just read the SeeSat digest that has just come in and
    see that Aleks replied directly to SeeSat so I made a
    "duplicate" posting.  Sorry about that.  Im not always 
    on "the ball!"
    For those who missed the story about SPACETRACK
    REPORT#3 refer to the posting by John.A.Dormer 2
    on monday Oct 30 21:02 EST where he gave the link
    to the "updated" info on SGP4 and SDP4 that appears
    Several of the other reports appearing on this page should
    be of interest to observers - also follow the link to the
    "Dundee" code.
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