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From: Alexander M Zoltai (
Date: Sun Oct 29 2006 - 11:14:03 EST

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    Thanks to Kevin Fetter for those supportive remarks.
    On 10/28/06, Mike McCants <> wrote:
    > could dare to use Quicksat directly.  :-)
    Did some tweaking of the control file last night and got it working on
    its own. Also updated the Mag file from your site...
    > >...Orbitron ...
    > Such pretty pictures to ruin your dark adaptation.  :-)
    True... Although, I'm facing a couple health challenges right now and
    not getting out under the sky very often. Orbitron does give me a
    chance (inside) to visualize the geometries (albeit flatly...) and I
    plan to use your predictions outside Ciel but use Ciel charts to
    visualize the tracks on--practicing "seeing" the track on the chart...
    Also, I plan (as soon as I'm able to get back outside) to take a chart
    out and circle all the faintest stars I can see to start getting a
    grip on what these 60-year-old eyes can actually see.
    > All but a couple of these have very small drag terms.
    If I remember correctly the drag term is in the TLE. Havta check that...
    Thanks, again!
    Alex Zoltai  81.753 W ~ 26.651 N
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