CALIPSO not seen

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sat Oct 28 2006 - 11:29:55 EDT

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    Last Thursday morning (October 26th) at 3:23:38 AM (8:23:38 UTC) I went out 
    to attempt to see the CALIPSO satellite's flashing laser. It was my 3rd 
    attempt. It was cloudy (again) but I thought I might see it using my 
    infrared night vision scope since it does emit that light as well. I decided 
    to drive about 10 miles south to get into a dark area this time. I figured 
    that getting up a half hour early was enough. Given the fact that I had no 
    more than 30 seconds to get out of my truck and look up once I located the 
    spot using my GPS unit, I'd say that 30 minutes was not enough! The spot I 
    chose was at
    42 21.316 -92 25.649, elevation about 300 meters altitude. The location can 
    be looked up here:
    I didn't see anything. I assume that, if the laser was doing its thing, that 
    not enough of the infrared passed through the cloud deck to be visible. I 
    will try again but -not- when it's overcast.
    Tom  Iowa  USA 
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