ISS pass 27/10/06 17:58 UTC

From: Mike Tyrrell (
Date: Fri Oct 27 2006 - 16:42:58 EDT

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    Image from tonights pass can be seen at
    Not quite sure yet if this differs from last nights pass in attitude. Phil
    is currently finishing off the simulator to include the new panels so should
    be able to post some results from that shortly.
    It was certainly a very fine pass tonight, did not look orange to me by eye
    but there is a very good colour from the new panels at the top of the image.
    The lower left panel at first looks as if it is missing but in fact it is
    just partly in shadow from the support truss. The gap in the right hand pair
    of panels is probably the clearest that I have managed to image.
    Mike Tyrrell
    Northwich, UK
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