Re: ISS pass shortly after docking

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Oct 26 2006 - 20:20:59 EDT

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    At 07:04 AM 27/10/2006, Gerhard HOLTKAMP wrote:
    >I saw an ISS pass at 17:38 UTC (26-OCT-06) which was high (65 deg elevation)
    >and it was also of a white ISS. Yesterday and three days ago I saw a clearly
    >red (or orange) ISS. Did they change the attitude for the docking?
    The progress was initially only partly docked due to concern about
    an antenna on it that should have automatically retracted.
    This extract from the Iss status reports explains things.
    During the hours between initial docking and final latching, the 
    station's orientation was allowed to
    drift to avoid any disturbance of the softly docked cargo ship. The 
    station's drift resulted in lower
    power generation by the solar arrays. The crew then powered off 
    several pieces of non-critical
    equipment as outlined in a standard procedure that reduces power 
    consumption. Soon after the
      latches were closed, however, the station's attitude control was 
    restored and power generation
    was returned to normal.
    Tony Beresford 
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