From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2006 - 22:51:30 EDT

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    Greetings all 
    I watched the Stereo launch via the Internet- quite
    exciting and followed the various events as they
    occurred after lift off.    I did manage to track
    something when it appeared above my horizon into
    my 60-70% clouded sky but at this point I suspect
    it was the rocket rather than the Stereo satellites.
    It was about 8th magnitude and appeared to have a
    slow variability cycle of about 3 minutes when it
    would brighten 1-2 magnitudes. I followed it out
    to about 11000 kms when I gave up due to cloud
    and it being too faint. Later today I will go through
    the DVD recording as well as the hard drive
    recording but Im reasonably certain all I had in the
    field of view etc was the rocket - the Stereo
    satellites must have been quite a bit fainter and I
    suspect the seperation of the two would have been
    too small for me to resolve at the image scale I
    was using.
    Anyway Im off to bed now to see if I can get some
    sleep-twice in the past week Ive been up almost
    all night - proves that Im mad!
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