Re: ok what's going on here, progress spacrcraft don't seem to be increasing in altitude

From: David Anderman (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2006 - 18:01:46 EDT

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    Remember, this is a 3 day transit to ISS, so the altitude increases 
    are not scheduled until tomorrow. There was an orbital stabilization 
    burn today to keep the orbit at 224 X 259 km.  Tomorrow's burns are 
    scheduled for orbits 48 and 49, but even the orbit 48 burn only 
    raises the orbit to: 250 X 290 km.
    The schedule is on this TsUp web site (in Russian):
    At 02:33 PM 10/25/2006, Kevin Fetter wrote:
    >According to what I see on spacetrack, the progress M58 spacecaft ( 
    >29503 ) going to dock to the
    >iss on Oct 26, doesn't have to appear to raised it's orbit, like I 
    >thought it should have by now.
    >It's less 17 hours to it's was going to dock, so I find it weird 
    >it's in a much lower then the
    >iss. I would have expected the progress to be in a higher orbit, 
    >then spacetrack says.
    >They must be raising it orbit alot tommorow, in order for docking to occur.
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