Re: Obs ML (4353), 24 Oct 2006: Progress-M58

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2006 - 17:15:27 EDT

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    Bram Dorreman wrote:
    > From my location in Achel (Cospar 4160) I estimated max. magn. of this
    > ship as of Tarazed. This star, not too far from the Progress, has
    > magn. +2.65. My sky was relatively speaking good at that time.
    > Bram Dorreman.
    Hi Bram,
    I observed through flying cloud cover (see the picture), so I certainly may have 
    estimated it too bright. I estimated it to be fainter than alpha Aql (mag. +0.8) 
    but brighter than the other visible stars in the area, some of which wr behind 
    clouds though. I had not much time to assess the brightness however between 
    triggering the camera, seeing the Progress amidst clouds and then seeing it go 
    into eclipse.
    Luckily I quote a +/- of 1 mag in my reports...  :-p
    - Marco
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