Installing HEAVENSAT

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2006 - 02:39:13 EDT

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    Morning all
    Some people have experienced problems installing
    HEAVENSAT ( I did !) so here are detailed instructions.
    Download the following files:
    (1) OpenGL version of HEAVENSAT1.97 ( current version),
    file size 4.7 Mbytes
    (2) Microsoft VC80.CRT  0.6 Mbyes
    (3) Sky2000 Master Catalog V4  11.1 Mbytes.
    With your unzipper (WINZIP/WINRAR whatever-
    click on  HEAVENSAT197gl.ZIP and extract to 
    It should do this and you will have a directory structure
    and all the files and created subdirectories will be in the sub
    directory "Heavensat197gl".
    Now a bit of fiddling - copy all the files in this directory(ie the
    one marked "Heavensat197gl" into  C:\Heavensat . Having done
    this then delete the subdirectory Heavensat197gl.
    Now click on Microsoft and extract to
    Click on and extract to   C:\Heavensat.
    It should now all be okay but if not this is the directory structure
    I have on my PC:
        with subdirectories 
         STARCATALOGS, and TLE
    with the following files in the C:\HEAVENSAT directory:
    coin2.dll, conlines.dat, font.ttf, Heavensat.exe, mcnames, moon.dat,
    ms.dat, sats.dat, simage1.dll, sowin1.dll, wxadv.dll, wxbase26.dll
    and wxcore.dll
    The subdirectories contain :
    BITMAPS - lots of BMP and PNG files
    INI     - Calcululations.ini, Chart.ini, Common.ini, Observer.ini
                 Satellites.ini,  Sky.ini,  Stars.ini     ( 7 in total)
    LANGUAGES - English.LNG, Russian.LNG
    MICROSOFT.VC80.CRT -- Microsoft VC80.CRT.manifest,
                 msvcm80.dll,  msvcp80.dll, msvcr80.dll
    STARCATALOGS - bsc.bin   ,  sky2000.bin
    TLE - has a sample TXT file. Suggest you delete this and put in
              your own elements database. Extension TXT or TLE okay
              I put in the large SPACTRACK ~8500 version plus
    All this is quicker to do than try and explain :-))
    All should now run okay when you click on HEAVENSAT.EXE.
    Dont forget to set your coordinates and select the satellite TLE
    database you want.
    PS Hope I havent made too many mistakes- still half asleep
    and havent had my breakfast yet.
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