Re: New Metop Launch Attempt

From: Robert Holdsworth (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2006 - 04:36:10 EDT

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    Details of launch coverage at (they will be using but  if you have problems with it  it may be 
    better to use the link from Starsem, of course ensuring that any popup 
    blocker does not prevent  the window from opening.)
    Launch kit available from
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    > In my Metop launch announcement on 13-OCT-06 I mentioned that the Fregat 
    > upper
    > stage would lower its perigee by 100 km after seperation from Metop. I now
    > learned that they will actually do a proper de-orbit burn. This 20 second
    > burn will start at 18:14:58 UTC (17-OCT-06) half a minute after exit from
    > Earth shadow. Reentry will be over the Pacific at 18:53 UTC. Note that 
    > this
    > burn takes place when Metop and Fregat are visible from parts of
    > Eastern and Central Europe.
    > Once again the scheduled time for liftoff is at 16:28:13 UTC on 17-OCT-06.
    > A TLE set for Metop after seperation from Fregat at 17:36 UTC is:
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