RE: Unknown satelitte pair

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Oct 14 2006 - 23:33:59 EDT

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    William Chellis wrote:
    > I am hoping you can help me figure this out.
    > This evening, I was trying to locate comet swan from my home. 
    > It was a little late for my location, as the hill and tree 
    > line cut into my horizon significantly. But I tried anyway. I 
    > took my 4.25" f/4 Star Blast reflector out and set it up. I 
    > line up on the pointer from Ursa Major and start scanning in 
    > the general area for the comet. I catch a glimpse of 
    > movement, and recenter. Yes, a satelitte. I let the moving 
    > dot slide on out of the frame, and just as it disappears, a 
    > second, satelitte also appears. Whoa! What was that?
    > I followed both of those points for over 2-minutes, before I 
    > lost them in the trees. I tried to see the naked eye, but couldn't.
    > They both appeared to be traveling at the same rate, and in 
    > the same direction. General direction, NW to SE. I could keep 
    > them both in the one telescopic field of view as I followed them.
    Welcome to SeeSat-L, William.
    You saw the NOSS 3-2 (Naval Ocean Surveillance System) two-satellite formation.
    Information on the NOSS satellites is available here:
    Here is Heavens-Above's prediction of the pass you observed:
    Ted Molczan
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