LES 8 last night

From: Ed Cannon (edcannonsat@yahoo.com)
Date: Sat Oct 07 2006 - 18:03:57 EDT

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    From the Ney Museum grounds I saw four or possibly five flashes from 
    LES 8 (73-023A, 08746) without binoculars, beginning at 2:11:32 UTC.
    They were at intervals of about 3 minutes, 29.5 seconds -- a flash 
    period 16 seconds slower than six nights ago.  And the episode was
    -- very roughly -- about an hour earlier than October 1.  The last 
    flash that I saw with my 8x binoculars was at 2:49:57.  When I first
    saw it, it was a few degrees southeast of Altair, roughly 20 hours
    RA, Dec +5, roughly.
    I watched bright flashes from Cosmos 2105 (90-099A, 20941) for about
    90 seconds, from 1:38:33 until 1:40:10 -- still southwest (above 
    and right) of the Great Square of Pegasus.
    With the 8x binoculars I also saw AMC-16 (04-048A, 28472), but it's 
    now flaring a few degrees east of lambda Aquilae, although at about
    the same time (roughly 2:35 UTC).
    The moonlight was brutal, so I gave up pretty soon after 10 PM local
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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