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From: J. Zhu (
Date: Sun Oct 16 2005 - 01:16:51 EDT

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    >Ted Molczan wrote:
    >I estimate that retrofire is planned for 2005 Oct 16, about 19:46:35 UTC, over
    >24.1 S, 7.0 E, with touchdown near 20:32 UTC..
    From the current orbit, it seems that Shenzhou 6 will pass Beijing at about
    20:20 UTC, which is just about 30 minutes after the estimation time of
    retrofire. So what would that influence the orbit and observation condition in
    By the way, some current observations:
    The weather in Beijing was bad for Oct. 13 morning. 
    My colleagues and some amateurs watched Shenzhou 6 and its rocket in Oct. 14 morning
    at Juyongguan Great Wall, took some pictures and also video (via Watec 902H). Paul 
    Maley was also there and made his observations. At that time I was on a train from 
    Hefei to Beijing, and should be passing some place near Tianjin, and I did see the 
    spaceship through the window before it reached the Big Bear, but then the train turned
    around and I could not see the later path. The weather was quite good.
    It was also very clear for next day (Oct. 15 morning) and I went to Juyongguan Great Wall
    with my colleages. Everything was okey and we saw the spaceship and the rocket, also with
    camera and video.
    This morning (Oct. 16) we went to Bei'anhe and made similiar observations. It was
    cloudy after midnight but was clear before the prediction time.
    The predictions are quite accurate and the objects seems 1-2 magnitude brighter than
    expected. My colleagues should post the link for pictures etc. later. Some already
    presented on newspapers and TV programs.
    Thanks for the helps!
    With best regards, Jin
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