NOSS Flares

From: Brad Young (
Date: Tue Oct 26 2004 - 08:55:45 EDT

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    Observed phenomenal "double flare" with NOSS 3-2 pair (2001-040-A and C)
    back on 10/19/04 beginning 1:57:43 UT lasting 86 seconds (with overlap - C
    started first then A about 10 sec later). C rose from mag 5 to -2 and faded
    back to 5, while A object started at mag 5, rose to -3, and back to 5.
    It was especially pretty in the area between Cassiopea and Perseus, low in
    my NE. Had been very happy just to see them (barely) at 1x after they
    culminated. Late to report because I became quite ill the next day. Probably
    sensory overload. Are these NOSS objects famous for flaring - I don't
    remember seeing them mentioned before.
    Brad Young
    +36.1, -95.9, el. 650 ft
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