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From: Etienne Guyot (
Date: Sun Oct 17 2004 - 04:30:37 EDT

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    Just want to introduce myself quickly... My name is Etienne Guyot (born in
    1960), I'm from France, exactly the city of Gex close to Geneva
    (Switzerland) in this area well known for the CERN experiments and other
    international organizations like UN, BIT, HCR, etc.
    I'm an electronic technician specialized in aeronautical navigation systems
    and working at the moment on new radar systems installed in Switzerland for
    the civil aviation and Air Traffic Control (ATC).
    Astronomy, astronautic and satellite observation are my preferred hobbies,
    beginning with the Gemini and Apollo programs as far as I remember. But I
    also like experimenting in electronic, radio and making some computer
    I want to thank every member of the SeeSat-L for their patience while
    reading my poor english.
    Best regards.
    Etienne Guyot
    46d20m20s N - 006d04m20s E - 595m
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