Soyuz TMA-5 zero magnitude pass

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Fri Oct 15 2004 - 08:07:22 EDT

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    I was just able to watch a zero magnitude fast-moving pass of 
    the new Soyuz TMA 5 (04-040A, 28444) from the WSW, through 
    Perseus, and then on to the north, about five degrees above
    Polaris (alpha CMi).  Best wishes to both its crew and that 
    of ISS, which I saw at about -2 about 25-26 minutes earlier!  
    I had a prediction for the SL-04 R/B (04-040B, 28445) but 
    either looked too late or had bad luck and did not see it.  
    The weather was pretty near perfect.  I was at the Ney Museum.
    Last night at BCRC while watching a faint flaring geosat at 
    about RA 1:25, Dec -5.0 (1950), I saw a flashing geosynch a 
    little to the north.  There were two flashes separated by 
    about 11 seconds, then 123 seconds later two more flashes, 
    then nothing more.  It seems that Fleetsatcom 3 (80-004A, 
    11669) is a reasonable match, including that it went into 
    eclipse a minute or so after my last click.  Also, in the 
    past I heard from someone who reported a flashing object, and 
    at the time this one seemed to match that observation.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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