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From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 03:33:45 EDT

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    On 2004 Oct 12 UTC (Monday PM October 11 UTC -5:00) at BCRC 
    (30.315N, 97.866W, 280m) I recorded the following geosats 
    as being visible with 8x42 binoculars (Times are UTC.):
    Time Cat # COSPAR# Name
    ---- ----- ------- --------------
    1:35 26761 01-018A XM 1
    1:45 26580 00-067A GE 6 (presumably not Nahuel 1A)
    1:53 unknown 150-160 seconds east of Intelsat 707
    1:54 23816 96-015A Intelsat 707
    1:55 26608 00-072A PAS 1R 
    2:03 23764 96-002A PAS 3R 
    2:03 25585 98-075A PAS 6B
    2:08 24936 97-050A GE 3
    2:31 24315 96-054A GE 1
    2:31 ??? -- one of cluster of six, maybe 25954 99-060A GE 4
    3:20 90023 Kevin's
    3:41 24713 97-002A GE 2
    3:41 26624 00-076A Anik F1
    3:47 26724 01-012A XM 2
    Some of them aren't very bright (for 8x binocular), say +7.0 
    or maybe fainter, so a really good night is necessary to see 
    those.  Much of the time two or even three are visible at 
    once in the eight degree field of view of the 8x42.  At least 
    some of the ones that flare three hours early and fade out 
    also flare again later at shadow entry.  
    Saw a few Tuesday evening, but it was partly cloudy and the 
    session ended somewhat early.  Wednesday evening was cloudy.  
    The flaring can't last much longer here.
    Coincidentally to the contrail observation, Astro Pic of the
    Day had many contrails over Georgia, Alabama, and northern
    Florida imaged from far above, plus a link to this good 
    contrail resource:
    Obviously the ones that are mistaken for fireballs are short
    contrails with extreme solar illumination, sometimes reddened
    by sunrise or sunset.  The one I saw Monday evening was a
    short one, going nearly straight down in the west, and very
    brightly illuminated.  Some months ago I saw a very bright 
    reddish one.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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