Re: Unid satellite?

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Sat Oct 09 2004 - 04:41:32 EDT

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    Satellite, time and/or date are confusing - I can find only one Lacrosse
    passing at around 12:19 UTC between dates Oct.3-7.
    That is indeed Lacrosse 4, culminating 12:19:01, passing 12:20:15 .5 degrees
    below Polaris.
    Near zenith at that time was Abrixas rocket USSTRATCOM #25723 99022C (and
    others mostly moving S-N)
    > I live in Aloha, Oregon, at 45N30, 122W50, approx.
    > On Tuesday, October 5th, I was observing the pass of
    > LaCrosse-4, at 1219 UTC. As the sat nearly eclipsed Polaris,
    > I caught the glint of another sat, very bright, moving
    > nearly exactly West-East. Magnitude estimated at 1 or even 0
    > but not brighter, compared to the stars in constellations
    > Orion and Big Dipper.
    > The sat was passing directly overhead (85-90 degrees
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