Sun Outage simulation

From: John Locker (
Date: Fri Oct 31 2003 - 07:06:58 EST

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    Hi all ,
    During the early part of this month we went through the autumn sun outage
    On the odd occassions we had clear skies here I tried to check the sun 's
    disc for
    any sign of geosats using filtered high magnification . With each bird only
    having an angular size of 1/10th arc second I didn't really think I would
    see anything....and I didn't!
    When scanning the sun's disc I was looking for a tiny cluster of perhaps no
    more than an arc second , which might represent seven satellites in a
    group.What I didn't appreciate was just how spread these birds would be.
    To demonstrate this , I have merged two images together , both taken with
    the same lens setup , same FOV .The first a simple fame of the sun , the
    second a night time exposure of the Astras.The result...instant outage .
    What strikes me is how well spread the satellites this instance
    about nine arc minutes across the group.
    AFAIK there are no "actual" images of satellites during sun outage because
    of the complexity of imaging such a tiny object , at high magnification , on
    the solar disc......however I think the simulation gives a fair impression
    of what it might look like.
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