Re: A different USA 160 "Wow!", plus "I saw ...".

From: Peter Wakelin (
Date: Sun Oct 19 2003 - 09:30:12 EDT

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    In message <>, Ed Cannon
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    >USA 160 A and C went from west to south.  For the entire 
    >pass the trailer, A (26905, 01-040A), was two or three 
    >magnitudes brighter than C (26907, 01-040C), and part of 
    >time I could not see A at all.  However, twice during 
    >the pass A flashed very brightly (maybe +1?), much 
    >brighter than C, which was about +4 at the brightest!  
    >The times of those flashes were about 1:33:43.0 and 
    My reports on both 16 and 17 October indicated unusual appearances on
    the low western passes.  A brightened from +6 to +4 for a few seconds on
    16th and on 17th for the first 30s or so I could see only one object and
    kept scanning ahead and behind to locate the other.  At times during the
    pass C was a good 3 mags dimmer than A.  Perhaps more obs should be
    attempted before the current evening visibility period ends.
    Ed, thanks for adding the International Identifier when you use USA
    numbers; I wish everyone would.  Perhaps I am the only person unable to
    remember USA numbers.
    Peter Wakelin 
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