Shenzou 5 & Shenzou 5 rocket observed from San Francisco bay area

Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 11:50:40 EDT

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    Hi Everyone,
                 I just observed both Shenzou 5 & its rocket from just north of San Francisco. Pass predictions using Ted Molczan's predicted elsets appeared to be accurate to within a few seconds of the actual time.
           The visible pass of the Shenzou 5 rocket was very short, with it emerging from shadow low in the NE at ~ 12:56UT 15Oct03. The brightness varied between Mag 0 & +2 with a period of several (5?) seconds. Since the pass was so short I only managed to see three of the flash maxima before I lost view of it behind the tree's.
           The pass geometry for Shenzou 5 (28043) was much better. I picked up the spacecraft as it emerged from shadow exit close to Cassiopea at ~ 12:59UT 15Oct03. It was about magnitude +2 at brightest, (comparable to Polaris) & steady in brightness. In binoculars it appeared to have a slight green-yellow color. Again I followed it until it passed behind trees in the north east.
    Best wishes & Clear skies,
    Jason P Hatton
    37.884N, 122.555W, +20m
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