Shenzhou 5 seen from Maryland

From: Monroe Harden (
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 06:08:25 EDT

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    Good morning,
    I just saw Shenzhou 5 pass nicely from my location about 30 miles north of
    Baltimore, MD.  It appeared right on time and in the right place as
    predicted by Heavens-Above, and per the warnings given by others on this
    list and  It was steady and bright white in color.
    About a minute before it appeared (ie around 0555 EDT) I saw another object
    moving north to south in direction.  It wnet just above Orion.  It was much
    fainter than the Shenzhou, and I did not make any detailed notes since I was
    in a bit of a hurry this AM.
    Monroe Harden
    Maryland, USA
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