Decay Forecast Proton "Debris"

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 16:00:00 EST

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    Report time: 20:15 UTC
    2002-048D (#27543) Proton "Debris" aka DM Stage casing
    - prepared Oct 18, 17:18 UTC - predicts:
    29 October, 05:48 UTC +/- 08 hours (11.7N, 91.0E)
    descending over the Indian Ocean.
    MPM+REENTRY delivers with the ELSETs 02301.348... - 02301.657...
    (SFX 155, ap 015) the decay on
    29 October, 05:55 UTC +/- 33 minutes (11.53S,108.03E)
    also southbound over Indian Ocean.
    Plus/minus one rev there is no track over North America.
    BTW: I discussed with an insider from the military surveillance community the question of the "new" name for USSPACECOM as our
    TLE and TIP messages producer.
     He... "would it call SPACE CONTROL CENTER (SCC). USSPACECOM is now STRATCOM WEST but the do not run the SCC directly. STRATCOM WEST is the unified command that controls all the components of space. The Air Force, Navy and Army components work for 
    STRATWEST. The SCC ist run by the Air Force component. The alternate SCC (ASCC) is run by the Navy component...."  
    This sounds plausible for me and from now I will use the
    description "SPACE CONTROL CENTER  or SCC".
    Berlin, Germany
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