Re: Decay Watch: 2002 October 26

From: Alan Pickup (
Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 18:51:15 EDT

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    With regard to the decaying debris object from the Integral launch, 
    Jonathan McDowell writes
    >That would be the aft shroud of the DM2 stage, it's a cylindrical casing 4m in
    Thanks - sounds like the casing that "S*Com" often calls a "Platform".
    >And, by the way,
    >> SpaceCom is posting decay notices
    >Don't you mean "StratCom is posting..."?
    I might do :) After the recent "rebranding", the US Space Command web 
    site now redirects to the home page of the US Strategic Command which 
    links to an interesting page on "Re-entry Assessment and Space 
    Surveillance" at
    The latter indicates that the tracking responsibility is given to the 
    Command and Control Squadron (1 CACS) of the U.S. Air Force Space 
    Command so "SpaceCom" still appears to be involved and I've continued to 
    use the term. However, Jonathan is not the first to raise this and 
    (unless someone convinces me otherwise) I'm happy to switch to the 
    umbrella organisation "StratCom" with the next decayer.
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