Re: Looking for citizens' visual or radio obs of Apollo lunar missions

From: Sven Grahn (
Date: Sat Oct 26 2002 - 15:08:03 EDT

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    At 11:15 2002-10-25 -0400, wrote:
    >There was an article in the amateur radio magazine QST around 1970 or so of
    >some amateur radio operators who built a 8 foot or so dish and received the
    >S-band transmissions from the Apollo CM/SM. Usually, they were only able to
    >see just the RF carrier, but occasionally they heard voice transmissions.
    >The signal's Doppler agreed with a moon orbit. If I find which issue it was
    >in, I'll post it.
    >Bill Bard
    Check out:
    Sven Grahn
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