RE: Looking for citizens' visual or radio obs of Apollo lunar missions

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 20:05:07 EDT

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    I saw an Apollo the night after TLI with the 12 inch Clark refractor of the
    Jewett Observatory at Washington State University. I am not sure which one
    we saw. It wasn't 11 because I didn't get there until Sept '69. One of my
    professors obtained the RA and Dec predictions from JSC the day before. They
    were on pages of that 2 foot wide perforated teletype paper. I know that
    whatever flight it was launched exactly on time with no delays because we
    had the predictions the day before we did the observing. I think there was a
    first quarter moon too. maybe someone knows if there was just one flight
    that fit those criteria?
    We saw the a group of slowly flashing objects, the rolling LEM/SM, booster,
    shroud panels, but we couldn't tell which was which and they were all at the
    limit of visibility, at least mag 11. A dark field with a short flash in one
    part and then a short flash in another part and so on until after a few
    minutes it was apparent that it was a group moving together.
    Someone posted on this list a long time ago that JSC had an astronomy club
    and they viewed a number of Apollo's with scopes on the roof of one of the
    JSC buildings.
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