Looking for citizens' visual or radio obs of Apollo lunar missions

From: Ted Molczan (molczan@rogers.com)
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 11:00:37 EDT

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    Jim Oberg requested that I post the appended message to SeeSat-L. I am sympathetic to the cause, so I am pleased to do so.
    Please note that whether or not project Apollo was a hoax is off-topic for SeeSat-L; however, reports of personal observations of
    the Apollo missions, whether optical or radio, are on-topic.
    If you are aware of someone who has made such observations, please do not post their names here without their permission, unless the
    information is public knowledge via their web site or has been published in a newspaper or journal; otherwise, please suggest that
    they contact Jim Oberg directly.
    Since the "hoax" matter is off-topic, if you wish to offer refutation or other suggestions/comments to Jim, please contact him
    Ted Molczan
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    Dear Spacewatchers:
    I'm looking for accounts of private citizens who watched visually, and listened via radio, to the Apollo lunar missions in
    1968-1972. For example, I've seen Dick Flagg's account from Florida, and the visual reports from Hawaii of the S-4-b ignition and
    later fuel dumps. A friend of mine was watching Apollo-13 through a telescope when the O2 tank blew, and he saw the cloud vent. That
    sort of thing.
    The reason is that NASA has officially decided at last to commission a detailed refutation of all the nonsense about 'Apollo Was A
    Hoax' on TV, in books and magazines, and on the Internet. They have asked me to write a 'monograph' which clearly and convincingly
    shows the flaws in the hoaxist arguments. I'm doing research over the next few months.
    For my resources, there is of course my own lifelong experience in the spaceflight business. There are also about a dozen fine
    private web sites with refutational arguments, and I'm organizing their arguments and getting permission to quote. I'm also doing
    some interviews with leading figures in the program.
    Specifically, here's how I see Chapter 7: Independent proofs of Apollo's reality. Observation of moon-bound vehicles by world-wide
    astronomers and amateurs. Reception of lunar voice transmissions by amateurs and by non-US tracking facilities. Confirmation of
    emplacement of laser reflectors. Recent discovery of returning Saturn-V hardware. Nature of the lunar samples and impossibility of
    substitution, alternate retrieval, or counterfeiting. Dust motion in video as proof of vacuum. Crewman 4-foot leaps up the LM
    In general, what I'm also looking for is factual refutations of incorrect allegations made in the 'hoaxist' literature, especially
    refutations that can be independently verified by interested readers (this can't just be another 'trust-the-experts' denial, since
    that's been tried and it doesn't work these days). Any specific errors and logical flaws that you have noticed whenever you've been
    aware of any of these arguments, I'd like to take advantage of.
    This is not meant to confound and convert the promoters of these claims, but is instead aimed at the general public, at educators,
    and at the news media -- the bulk of the population who due to their unfamiliarity with the real history, or with science and
    technology in general, have been most easily misled by the confused, the crackpots and the con men. 
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