generating new TLEs and finding lost satellites...

From: Marek Kozubal (
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 02:52:40 EDT

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    Are there any references, online or otherwise, that talk about the math
    needed to convert RA/Dec/Time to TLEs?  Modifing a current TLE based off
    new information and also generating them from purely observational data?
    Do you try to convert the RA/Dec/Time into a geocentric vector and then
    convert the vector back to a TLE? If so, where can one find the math/code
    for the vec2tle conversion?
    Or does everyone just guess values until the TLEs match what they saw?
    When looking for a satellite w/old TLEs (assuming no active thrusting) how
    would one ideally look to recover a satellite? Would you try to precess
    the RAAN, integrate the drag terms into a new mean motion, etc? Or do you
    just look along its predicted path and hope that you get lucky finding it
    being early or late?  How do you deside where to look and when to look at
    certain locations in the sky?
    Thanks in advance for any help on these questions!
    Marek Kozubal
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