Re: Introduction and 3-satellite formation

From: Lance Pickup (
Date: Tue Oct 22 2002 - 06:13:18 EDT

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    Ted Molczan wrote:
    > I believe that the observation most likely was made 7 days earlier, on 07 Sep EDT. I base this in part on Lance's report of "a very
    > nice northern lights display" and Sky & Telescope's story of a noteworthy on that date:
    Ted, very nice!  You caught me!  Boy did I mess up on my first post!!!
    Thanks for doing this research.
    I knew it was the weekend AFTER Labor Day (first Monday in Sept. in the
    US), but it's been so long I just quickly glanced at my calendar and 
    was thinking 2nd weekend in Sept.  But now that you've made me look
    more closely at my calendar, sure enough, it was the 7th!  Thank you
    so much.
    The pass data you included does correspond to my visual sighting.  They
    did flicker out about a third of the way down to the horizon.
    I checked out PocketSat and must say I am incredibly impressed with
    that program.  The Palm seems to be an ideal platform for tracking
    satellites and am really looking forward to using it.
    I promise to try to not be so careless from now on and thank you all so
    much for your feedback.  Clear skies...
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