Re: Freeware sky chart program

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Mon Oct 21 2002 - 13:06:40 EDT

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    I own starry night backyard esd, and it has satellite's. The only thing 
    wrong with it and the starry night pro was the satellite positions were off. 
    That's because they didn't use the norad orbital model for satellite 
    tracking. Version 4 will use the norad model, so satellite postions should 
    be much better. I tested my starry night for satellite transits and it 
    failed. For example I found out where to go to see the iss go across the 
    centre of the moon's disk, I then using the location info, and same orbital 
    elements in starry night. Well in starry night, the satellite never even 
    touched the moon, and pass by the moon at a different time.
    But the problem should go away in version 4 of starry night.
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