ISS and ATLANTIS over tehran

From: pouria nazemi (
Date: Thu Oct 17 2002 - 10:44:56 EDT

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    Last night ISS transits over Tehran with shuttel after
    it leave the ISS.
    At 18:20 local time (14:50UT) and with two min late
    ISS obseved in north west at alt=12 .
    At first we can observed ISS and a faint point near it
    with 20*60 binoculur.few seceds later , we can saw ISS
    and SHUTTEL with naked eye.
    It's so great at first ISS has mag 1 and shuttel
    bright as mag 2 . they  came  brighter and ISS mag
    reach to -1 and shuttel to 0. after  two min they
    brightnes change and shuttel became brighter than ISS
    . they have about 10 arcmin distense in sky and I
    never can explain my sense in that time.
    About 200 amateur astronomer that coming to Tehran
    monthly amateur astronomy gathering,After a speach
    about satellites observation  can observed this
    beautiful event in Tehran University Physics Dep. 
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