Re: Possible Payload Bay lights obs while in Earth shadow

From: Steve Newcomb (
Date: Tue Oct 15 2002 - 00:21:18 EDT

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    > Sounds about right. At my location earlier tonight,
    > according to the most recent orbital elements, the ISS-Atlantis
    > entered eclipse at 00:25:39 UTC 15 October. For a few (10?) seconds prior
    > to entering eclipse they dim and change colors from a bright blue to
    > a dull red (like sunset). I tracked them with my 6" dob until
    > 00:25:58 UTC when my 7x50's (which I carefully placed on the base of my
    > dob) acted as a wedge on my OTA and ended my observation when I
    > couldn't raise the OTA past 57 deg elevation. [Great moments in
    > satellite observation]
    I made note of into shadow at my location at 20.25.25 local into shadow. I
    did not have telescope 8" dob out, was viewing 1x. I would have liked to say
    that I saw the bay lights on a shuttle. At 7mag  would be easily seen. I
    also want to have enough magnification on a pass to see shape and still be
    able to track with dob. I have seen with a 25mm at 48x for short time, am
    now getting better at following sat with telescope just recently. Have you
    been able to track at a high enough mag to see shape of ISS and track with
    Lat 39.4697 Lon -79.3393  Alt 2573 ft  -4 UTC
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