Re: slowly moving satellite

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 04:37:00 EDT

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    At 11:53 13/10/02, Tom  Wagner wrote:
    >I happened to be outside tonight (10/12/02) and at about 20:58 I looked up
    >and saw what I believe was a slowing moving satellite passing from south to
    >north. It was nearly directly overhead at the time. The unusual thing was it
    >was brighter than I expected a slowly moving satellite to be. It was
    >orangish and was around a magnitude +3 or  +4.
    >Anybody want the challenge of trying to figure out what it was? I checked
    >H-A and J-Pass but got nowhere.
    Tom, I cant find a match us FINDSAT and alldat.tle
    The only suspects are all debris objects with Radar Cross sections under
    .1 square meters. I used the zenith point at 20:58 CDT Oct12 = 01:58 UT
    Oct 13, and up to a 15 degree radius circle. 
    Overhead CAN be a rather vague description. I have had members of the public
    describe such for things at 60 degrees elevation. My search criteria limited
    to 75 degrees so as not to get too many objects.
    Tony Beresford
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