Re: slowly moving satellite

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 22:27:47 EDT

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    Dang! I knew I'd leave something out!
    I was at the following coordinates when I spotted the light.
    42.473513 by -92.360413
    274 meters above sea level
    Have fun with:
    Earth to moon experiment (orbit simulator).
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    > I happened to be outside tonight (10/12/02) and at about 20:58 I looked up
    > and saw what I believe was a slowing moving satellite passing from south
    > north. It was nearly directly overhead at the time. The unusual thing was
    > was brighter than I expected a slowly moving satellite to be. It was
    > orangish and was around a magnitude +3 or  +4.
    > Anybody want the challenge of trying to figure out what it was? I checked
    > H-A and J-Pass but got nowhere.
    > Thanks!
    > Tom
    > Iowa
    > USA
    > .....
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