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Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 12:23:48 EDT

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    Hi Paul
    Interesting!   I see you were also a rocketeer !   In my University days I
    played around with amateur rocketry and it was great fun. We used zinc dust
    and sulphur basically and just before the Rocket Society folded we were busy
    with the construction of a liquid fuel rocket aiming for around 50 miles
    altitude - we took it all very seriously and were subject to strict
    government regulations etc -- in fact what with amateur rocketry and visual
    satellite tracking it cost me an extra year at Varsity! - never had time
    even to chase those adorable entities called woman !
    Fortunately we never had any accidents but did cause fires when rockets
    malfunctioned and came down under power and burnt the grasslands!  In one
    case a two stage rocket flew was flying horizontally at low altitude when
    the stages seperated spewing burning fuel everywhere and caused a LARGE
    Incidentally our largest rocket was 10 feet long but fouled the launch tower
    as it left the top of the tower because the exhaust velocity was just too
    low and it caused the rocket to do slow somersaults directly above us - we
    had no idea in which direction to scatter so stayed put and it eventually
    returned to earth about a mile from the launch tower - quite scary!
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    > Houston Chronicle - 14 hours ago
    > After a 3 1/2-hour wind delay, a private company successfully launched a
    14-foot rocket Saturday night from a remote site on arid West Texas
    ranchland that organizers are calling Texas' newest spaceport.
    > where's the TLE ??
    > oppsss!
    > The 50 or so people gathered for the launch cheered when the slim white
    rocket blasted off, then roared again when it came down five minutes later
    with a parachute.
    > sounds like what my son & I did once in nearby open field with
    > a 2 foot rocket, we did not get a TLE either.
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