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Date: Tue Oct 08 2002 - 00:15:00 EDT

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    With the skies clearing as night fell, i watched Atlantis STS-112 pass close
    to Alkaid in Ursa Major at 03:27:40 8 Oct UTC +/- 3 sec. Az 310deg El 31deg.
    Mag 1 and hauling. Moments later it went into shadow. About 26 min later ISS
    came along, not as fast but slightly brighter, not as bright as Vega and it
    went into shadow before reaching it's peak elevation.
    I was watching ISS rising from the West when i noticed an 'extra' bright
    star approx 5 deg above Mizar in Ursa Major. It remained visible for a few
    seconds, the time was 03:52:09 8 Oct UTC +/- 3 sec. Az 320 deg El 35 deg Mag
    2 and the object was heading South. The only object i find in that area at
    that time was OPS 7202 (DMSP 4A F3) #02920 67080A.
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