RE: Shuttle launch-UK observation

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Mon Oct 07 2002 - 09:26:18 EDT

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    > > How do you do that?  Skymap?
    > > Subtracting 23 mins. 42 secs. each day since last launch I get 22:02:04 GMT.
    > >
    Yes, SkyMap is one way - you can use the view from -6370k altitude, View:
    Mirror image, and a suitable grid to show when and where ISS crosses the
    Cape latitude (use horizontal projection and no visibility filter), then
    compensate for the longitude difference seen.
    Or just adjust the ISS elset Mean Anomaly until it makes a SW-Z-NE
    pass over the Cape.
    Or even simpler, use a text prediction program that lists lat/long, like
    Track16, TrakSat, TrakStar, SeeSat... and find the longitude difference.
    In all cases subtract ~5 min from the adjusted time.
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